Journal Entry 2

February 18 – 22

This week some of the classes took a different approach to learning than the traditional classroom setting. Monday, we reviewed some Gaelic vocabulary we had learned the previous week. I find Gaelic extremely challenging to learn. Some of the phrases have a very long spelling but are pronounced in only a syllable or two. In the Special Topics class, also Monday, we each shared something we found easy/difficult/interesting/etc. When doing this, I find it makes the class better because of the connections between others and bonds are formed. Wednesday, we took a trip to Spiddal for the Intro to Gaelic class. In Spiddal, we had a local teacher show us around the town and tell us the history behind the buildings. So now, aside from knowing the history I know where and what the locals think about the places. Seeing the places in person vs. just talking about them helps me to get a real picture and take more interest into the topic. As an education major, I find this very important for classes to do things outside the tradition realm of teaching because of all the different learning styles.

Over the weekend, we traveled to Westport, Castlebar, and Murrisk. First we visited toured Pearse Cottage at Rosmuc. Pearse Cottage was built by Patrick Pearse, who was a writer, educator, and leader of the 1916 uprising. Second the cottage, we visited Kylemore Abbey, which was magnificent. The architecture is amazing to look at. While we never actually went inside, the outside and grounds were pleasing enough at all angles I don’t mind. Our third stop was at the Country Life museum at Castlebar. Here, I learned that you can preserve eggs, which they did during the winter months. As a class, and our lovely driver, John, ventured into the cemetery next door. Here we found a grave with the last name Kearney 🙂 While everyone else was still at the cemetery, I found some sheep in the yard next store. They were very standoffish and attentive to all the noises around them. I unfortunately didn’t get to touch them, but they were cute.

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