Journal Entry 4

March 4-8

During the week, we had our typical literature class. This professor has us doing the same as the previous weeks, where we read over the week then just discuss what we read. At times, I wish he would switch up the routine because doing this for three hours is difficult to stay focused. The history class took a trip to pub called the Kings Head for the days lesson. After we took a trip to University of Galway (where our professors come from) to have a debate over the legacy of Oliver Cromwell. The Gaelic class this week had a lesson over Irish football and hurling – where we got to go outside and try it for ourselves!

This past weekend we went to the Aran Islands. As of now, I would say this is my favorite place we have visited. We were on the main island, Inishmore. All three islands only have a combined population of 700, and I found this very surprising. The first day, we visited Dun Aonghasa. Here we looked over the steep cliffs down to the water. The water, overall, has been much bluer than I anticipated. I wish we could have spent more time here as I found it very peaceful. We then adventured over to the The Worm Hole which is a huge, natural rectangular shaped hole in the ground that is filled with sea water. The second day, we got to explore the islands ourselves, however the weather did not want us to. This didn’t discourage us, as 6 of us rented bikes to ride around the island. The first stop on the bikes was the beach. As we were walking along the sand, it started hailing. Throughout the day it was hailing on and off. When it starting hailing, we could hug one of the numerous walls to hide. In the picture, you can see the start of the hail beginning to form on the side of the rode. Attempting to escape the storm, we found a little cafe/gift shop and spoke to owner on what spots to visit – he suggested The Black Fort. At the Black Fort, we got to see another amazing view of the cliffs. While the weather was poor, I would do the same thing over again if given the chance because the memories are one of a lifetime.

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