Spring Break pt. 1

March 11 – 15

The week started off with class Monday and Tuesday. Immediately after class on Tuesday the 8 of us girls took off for the Airport. Wednesday through Saturday all the girls, except Alana and Emily (who I met up with for part 2) went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Before arriving in Edinburgh I was very skeptical and hesitant to why we were going and if I would even like it. Surprisingly enough, I loved it. The architecture of the buildings were beautiful. They use pounds as there currency, which is more than both Euros and USD. However, most things we did were free. We visited the National museum of Scotland and it is easily the largest museum I’ve ever been in. There were so many wings and floors that I don’t know how anyone could finish it all in one day. In the picture below, you can see the main room that allows you to access the other exhibits. Each exhibit was dedicated to its own theme; clothing, instruments, etc. Other free things we did included an Edinburgh city walking tour and a ghost tour. We also went on two pub crawls which was a fun experience that let us meet other people that were traveling from around the world. I would recommend this for anyone to try! I wish I tried them in the other cities I wen to. We walked to the Edinburgh Castle to see the view of the city. On the Royal Mile, which is the main strip in Edinburgh, there’s a stone heart. I took the picture the first day we were there because I thought it was cool that it was in the sidewalk. The next day we took the walking tour of Edinburgh and learned that theres a tradition of Scottish people spitting on it because of the prison that was once there.

On Saturday, we flew back to Dublin so we could celebrate St. Patricks Day the next day. We all felt we HAD to go back to the Emerald Isle to celebrate since it’s a once in a lifetime chance. Here we caught the end of the parade and then just adventured around the city for the rest of the day. At the end of the night, we went back to the airport since we had an early flight Monday morning. I have learned the lesson the hard way, you cannot get any sleep in the airport. Incase you were wondering, the McDonalds staff did not let you sleep in booths even if you bought food.

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