Spring Break pt. 2

March 18 – 22

Monday morning Emily, Alana, and I flew out of Dublin to Krakow, Poland. Poland is what I was most looking forward this entire trip. Monday night, Alana and I tried Indian food for dinner, and it only cost 3.13. Poland is dirt cheap and that was very nice. When we were at our hostel, there was only 1 other person in the room and it was a male in his underwear. This man walked around the whole hostel in just his underwear, but it was only one night so it was manageable. Tuesday, we visited Auschwitz. On the tour, you were given headphones to wear so you could hear what the guide was saying if you weren’t next to her. With the knowledge I have about WW2 I am slightly surprised that the tour wasn’t more gruesome with what was happening. For example, the guide said the prisoners would work at the camps, but didn’t go into detail what the work consisted of. At the museum, I bought a book about clinical and psychiatric studies performed and I am very excited to read it. After the tour, we walked around in the city square and tried chocolate covered fruit. Wednesday morning we had an extremely early flight to Paris, so we had all to wander the city. During the day we saw, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffiel tower. The metro system was difficult to understand, but we managed to figure it out and even knew where the different routes went by the end of trip. Thursday we went to Disneyland!! I’ve never been to Disney so why not start in Paris?! We spent the whole day there riding every single ride and even taking awkward pictures with Darth Vader, finishing the night watching fireworks and the light show. Friday, we went to the Louvre and got to see the Mona Lisa. After, we got to go to my pick, Versailles! The gardens were beautiful and it was such a nice day that we spent a few hours just sitting in the garden talking. After all the traveling, I was excited to get back to Park Lodge on Saturday.

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