Journal Entry – week 7

March 25 – 29

Sorry to those reading this journal in advance because it will be a little scatter brained. This week was a calm week – which was very much needed. We had our 4 classes during the week and took a trip to Strokestown on Friday. Strokestown was a history museum about the famine, however the museum seemed to focus on a specific family rather than the actual famine. Below is a picture with arches of a nearby monastery. Saturday we got to go back to Galway for the market.

The market in Galway is one of my favorite things about Ireland. I love going and seeing what all the vendors have, especially since almost all of the items are homemade. The market is very similar to ones back home, ranging from purses, to jewelry, to doormats and much, much more. In class on Monday, we had to set goals on something we wanted to accomplish before we left. My goal was to try the homemade empanadas from the market. Alana, Emily and I all tried the empanadas. I’m so glad that I did get one because it was delicious and the woman working was so sweet. She made them to order so it was hot and fresh when we got them. Typically people pair a sauce with them, but we were unknowing which to choose, so she let us try them all for free. I tried the vegetarian empanada, so it was filled with vegetables and some type of sauce. Alana and Emily both got the Irish beef one, which they let me try, and it was equally as delicious. The three of us typically let each other try everything … everywhere we go. Also while we were in the market, we stopped at the donut stand! Again it was made fresh in front of us. The guy making to donuts even was joking around with us. Lastly, there is a chain coffee shop, throughout Europe, called Caffe Nero and I am obsessed with the caramel iced lattes. The rest of the day we just walked around enjoying the city.

I included some pictures of Ireland I have taken around Park Lodge. The picture with the green plants captures the essence of all the green around the Emerald Isle.

Now that spring break has ended, it feels the like entire program is ending tomorrow. I am sad and don’t want to go home quite yet. Fortunately, I haven’t felt homesick while being here. We have only a few weeks left and not many of the days will actually be spent at Park Lodge. This coming weekend we will be going to Northern Ireland.

As the program is coming to an end, this means our final grades will soon be due. In our literature class we are writing a paper over our choice from previous readings. In the history class we are creating a movie depicting Irish history from what we have learned in class. I love when classes allow you to do projects/etc. rather than the standard test at the end of the chapter. I am very appreciative to have loads of support on the movie from both Wendy (the program director) and Jackie (the history professor). Overall, I am a little anxious to see how the grades will be determined because we don’t do any assignments, so there isn’t any physical work to base it off of.


One thought on “Journal Entry – week 7

  1. Once again sounds like your are having fun, make the most of the next few weeks kiddo😘 we miss you, be safe! We leave for San Diego on Wednesday fir Adam boot camp graduation! So excited to finally see him again! Love you

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