Journal Entry – Week 8

April 1-5

Classes continued on as normal this week. In the Irish culture class we are learning to play the tin whistle. Our class elected the song Galway Girl from the movie PS I Love You. The beginning of the song is repetitive and easy to learn. The second part has become more difficult but I will be practicing before the next class. Playing the tin whistle reminds me of playing the recorder in elementary school.

Thursday we left for Northern Ireland. Being completely honest, I was not looking forward to this excursion because I was tired and the length we were going to be gone was longer than any other we’ve taken. Thursday we visited Drumclif Parish Church, where Yeats, the poet, is buried. Our literature professor loves Yeats but I cannot say I feel the same about him, or his writing. Our second visit was the Lissadell House. The tour guide was role playing one of the girls that once lived there. However, it took some time for me (and everyone else) to figure this out. Piecing it together really caused me some confusion. After the tour we talked and laughed about us figuring it out. What really set me off, was the guide saying her sister had died in 1927, but the guide looked around 30; the rusted over tools displayed, among other things. Our last visit was to the Tower Museum in Derry. We had the night to ourselves, where a small group of us got Mexican food and ventured around Derry. For never being in this city before, we never got lost on our walk back to the hostel. This I would say, is something we have become good at doing – not getting lost in the unfamiliar cities. Friday, we visited the Museum of Free Derry and took a walking tour afterwards. On the walking tour we got to see many of the murals painted around the city. I found this part of the trip interesting because they talked a lot about Bloody Sunday, and the museums main focus was Bloody Sunday. I previously looked at the art from Bloody Sunday in a humanities class I took in high school, so it was interesting to learn more about the history. After, we got to go to the Giants Causeway! I loved seeing this! The formation of the landscape amazed me once again. The outdoor parts of the field trips are my favorite so I knew I would love this – it was what I was looking forward most to on this excursion. The Giants Causeway is now on my top 5 favorites in Ireland. Saturday we had another tour, but this time in Belfast. I particularly enjoyed this tour because it was a bus tour (if you know me, I hate walking). We had a free afternoon, so we went to the Ulster Museum and Rose Garden. Right now at the Ulster Museum they have an exhibit displaying Leonardo Di Vinci’s sketches. Now I have seen multiple pieces by Di Vinci, which many people cannot say and am so very grateful for that. In the Rose Garden there was two greenhouses, where we spent lots of time admiring ALL the plants. Alana, Emily, and I sat in the park for a couple hours taking advantage of the nice sunny weather Ireland was giving us. Sunday, we visited the Titanic Museum. This museum was the one I was looking forward to the most, however it wasn’t my favorite. While inside the museum, they had a ride that took you around the building of the titanic. I found this exhibit in the museum refreshing since no other museums have yet had that. My favorite part of the Titanic, was listening to the recordings of people recalling what happened as well as the section displaying the timeline of SOS calls being made. Check into next weeks blog to see what happened Monday!

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