Our last week

April 22 – 26

Now that our classes are over, it has really set in that I am leaving this week. Sunday and Monday I was sad and didn’t want to knowledge that I was actually leaving. Now, its Wednesday and I’m in full panic mode. I’ve already packed my bags and I’m just sitting anxious waiting for my departure on Saturday.

In the meantime, we are still staying busy. Monday we all shared our community service projects that we were required to do. Alana, Emily, and I all took the initiative to pick up trash. We did this for three days, walking along shorelines, around Park Lodge, and the main road in front the the hotel. While doing this, we noticed that were no plastic bags to be picked up and it was mainly cans and bottles. Here, you have to bring your own reusable bags to the stores, so it goes to show that it does make an impact to ban plastic bags. This has inspired me to use only reusable bags when I go back home. While littering is enviable for some, I think doing this back home too can and will tremendously help our planet. Tuesday, we took the last day trip to Yeats Tower, Cool Park, and the Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher surprised me in the aspect of how touristy it was. There were tons of shops to stop at before even getting to the actual cliffs. TONS of people were there and in every direction you look. Despite the crowds, I still loved seeing it. The views were once again amazing. Following our day trip, we went and had a fancy dinner at the owner of Park Lodges house. The women served us delicious food and I was stuffed leaving. I don’t think I ate that much the entire trip.

Today is Wednesday and I finishing up the rest of my coursework, the blogs and feedback forms for the excursions. Tonight we will a potluck with everyone to say our goodbyes as people start leaving tomorrow. It is crazy to think I’ve spent the last 3 months with these people and I may never see them again. I have grown so close to everyone and learned someinteresting – things about everyone here.

The potluck will unfortunately not be getting one of cottage 4’s famous meals. Every night I cook for Alana, Emily, and I. I think this is one of my favorites things I can look forward to about the day. Each night someone plays loud music while I cook and we spend the time singing, laughing, and dancing. The fourth roommate probably dreads dinner time, hearing our musically declined voices attempt to hit every note in the songs. Believe it or not, I didn’t do much cooking before I came, so taking the initiative to cook for us was intimidating in the beginning. The pans are not non-stick so you can imagine how the first week went. As you can see below, we ate pretty good (in my opinion) most nights. We eat our veggies almost everyday along the main thing. Cottage 4 favorites include loads of pasta, tacos, spring rolls, and putting BBQ on pretty much any and everything possible.

The rest of the week will be us finishing up things to leave our cottages. I have loved staying in the cottages at Park Lodge and hope to return one day! Thanks for reading along with my adventures ~ XOXO Erin in Ireland

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